The Best Meal Kits In Vancouver Voted By YFMV Parents

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Recently one of the admins at YFMV, Mark, had a rather unpleasant experience with one of the local meal kits. The veggies were old. Look at this old carrot in this video. LOL.

Look how flexible an old carrot can be.

So as a survey person, I went on creating a survey to see which one of the meal kits out there is the most popular in our Facebook group and the winners are....

Best Meal Kits in Vancouver voted by YFMV parents
I think I might give Hello Fresh and Good Food a chance too.

Fresh Prep: The Best Rated Meal Kits at YFMV

An opinion of a small parent Facebook group might not matter much. But we do have enough sample size. From the comments, I could have gathered some brief reviews on Fresh Prep.

"Loved their dishes and 2 portions equaled enough for 4 people!"
"The customer service is great."
"I prefer fresh prep because it’s local and some of their meals are packed in zero waste packaging."
"Fresh Prep is AMAAAAAAZING. I adore them. The recipes are exceptionally delicious and the quality of the ingredients is fantastic."

Unlike Netflix where it serves copies of digital products, this is physical carrots and onions we are talking about here. You have to totally rely on the people who picked them, packed them and ship them to you. Honesty and trust are the key here.

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Further Blah Blah: No more blockbusters and no more grocery trips.

We're living in a world of reduced experiences. Do you still remember the good old Friday movie night? Going to a Block Buster, chatting with people there, browsing videos, looking at what's written on the back were all big parts of the night. We don't do that anymore. Now it's the experience of walking into a vegetable shop. Those earthly smells. All gone.

As a city kid who never knew the existence of farms, visiting a vegetable store was one of the few chances for me to experience nature: That freshly dead radish with soil stuck on its postmortem body. I still vividly remember the smell of the marketplace my mom and aunts used to take me to.

Those unprofessional smells disappeared as we entered the era of fancy chain stores. Instead of dirt, veggies are spread with water. Instead of a wooden crate, they enjoy an ice bath. Yelling farmers are replaced by calming lounge music. It is already a different experience. But now this is about to change too. The veggies are now being sent to your home with a couple of clicks. Meal Kits.

All these sentiments are cool.

But if you only get a few hours of sleep everyday, who gives crap? Meal kits are awesome.

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