"Do you have your own blog or a story you that want to share with us?"

Please write us an email at [email protected].

1. Sharing your blog
We curate articles from selected blogs. We can add your blog to the list. If you are a YFMV community member, we will prioritize your blog over others during our daily curation process.

You must provide us with your RSS feed URL. Your RSS feed URL will look like this:


If you are not sure about your RSS feed URL, just send us your blog address, and we will try to figure it out.

2. Sharing your story
Don't have a blog yet but want to share your story? Awesome! Please send your story to [email protected]. Once approved, we will post it as a YFMV blog article and share it on our page. If it's relevant to our community, we will also share it in the group.

Happy Writing~~~!

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