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We Picked These Awesome Apps for Kids in 2021

By Ryan Lee
February 12, 2021

"The best apps for kids picked by the Young Families of Metro Vancouver community in February 2021."

Picking apps for kids can be a chore. As a developer/product designer, I am particularly picky and judgemental when it comes to downloading an app on my phone. Choosing an app for kids is even a tougher task.

Here are some apps picked and made by our YFMV community members, tested and approved by a picky parent like me. I will be updating the list regularly. Sometimes there can be only one or two. I often delete the app from the list as soon as I think it is also not for my kids.

Kinzoo: a family messenger

Apps for kids - Kinzoo a messenger app built upon love and years of efforts of a father

A messenger app safe for kids and built for the family. One of our YFMV dads, Sean Herman, has turned his vision into this app. I am using it as a default family messenger and teaching my three-year-old how to interact with a digital product.

The app already comes with all the features that a modern messenger app would have such as video calling but has tones of add-on features that you can enjoy with your child. For example, you can make doodles with your kids and communicate through it if they don't read or write yet.

What's cooler? You can learn about the thoughts and philosophy the app was built upon with Sean's book Screen Captured on available Amazon and Audible (At YFMV, we've been trying to avoid Amazon links and help local small businesses in Vancouver, but this is an exception.) They also have an official blog that has lots of helpful articles when it comes to digital parenting.

This one is my solid choice for my family and will probably remain at the top of this list for some time.

Website: https://kinzoo.com/

We are still updating the list so check back next week. If you had any questions, you can message admins directly through the YFMV Facebook group or via our Contact Us form.

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