Cantonese Story Time

Every Thursday
Organizer: Little Kozzi
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Little Kozzi is a Chinese Children’s Bookstore for Canadians. 

Many parents are hoping to teach their little ones Chinese... however, they have trouble locating resources in Canada. 

Some barriers could be language (it is difficult to navigate a website in Chinese), overseas shipping (super expensive), or simply not sure where/how to start. 

We are 2 moms who face the same barriers - and have decided to solve this by making a full English website for our bookstore with curated books  

We also have a Little Kozzi Reading Club to help support families to read with their little ones and to learn from other families across Canada who are also trying to teach their own children. 

Every Thursday, we also have a story time to introduce children books, allow children to follow along in Chinese, and show how to make reading fun at home.

For more information, look for Little Kozzi Reading Club on Facebook.  

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