$2500+ worth of Food Baskets Delivered to 12 Families

May 20, 2020
By Mark Jarder

We did a Food Basket Drive for our families that are in dire need in the Young Families of Metro Vancouver community. Yesterday we finished sending it all out except one that will be delivered this afternoon. We had 12 families that applied and we were able to help all of them thanks to everyone’s cash donations! It took a team of 8 families doing the shopping, logistics, and pickup/delivery for our families all over Metro Vancouver from North Vancouver all the way out as far as Abbotsford.

Feel free to join our Facebook Group Young Families of Metro Vancouver to be a part of the community! We are here for you and we hope you can be here for us as well. It takes a village to thrive especially in these unprecedented times! 🤗

Thank you so much to everyone involved!!! ❤️

“Love in action. Families for families.”


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